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初中生英語演講稿:trust and love


dear everyone,
  good evening, everyone!
  throughout my years of being a student, i’ve had many teachers. none of them are the same, but the one that i’ll never forget and will always miss is my chinese bilingual teacher in the middle school i attended in seattle, ms. ho. she was a skinny, but stylish lady in her 50s. she was different from all the other teachers because she gave me something unforgettable.
  ms. ho and i became friends right in the first semester i was in that middle school. at the same time, i was having a really hard time with my subjects. since i had just transferred from a bilingual school, where i had stayed for two months after arriving in the us, my english was horrible; my average grade was below c. i almost thought it impossible to learn english. then, one day she told me she strongly believed that i was capable of controlling my life, and i would be just fine. she said that she found we were much alike: both were stubborn, kind-hearted and a little bit ******-minded. she believed that i had the quality of becoming wise. she even said that she didn’t have any worries about me, about my not learning english. with her encouragement, i found the strength within myself and began to desire to work even harder. as a result, i soon proved her right, and at the end of the semester, i got a 3.8 average grade.
  today, i still keep in touch with her, and she still tells me how she believes in me. sometimes, i’d think back, and wonder how i could handle all those things if it wasn’t for her encouragement and trust. could i be the person i am today? then, it struck me: what we need has always been trust and love of others; because these things inspire us to do our best, and to live our life to its fullest.
  to sum up, i’d like to say to all of you: let us all appreciate trust and love of others and achieve our full potential in our life!

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