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  Day to remember the original world more beautiful because of you, happy birthday。


  Wish a wonderful fragrance moment around you, make your life full of happiness, forever the bath in endless joy time! I wish you a happy birthday!


  Today is your birthday, my love, thank you for your toil, thank you for giving me the concern, understanding and support。 All my love to you!


  Today is your birthday, I will never forget not to drop a day。 May god bless you a happy life in peace, healthy and happiness! My wife。


  Let me bless for you, let me laugh for you, because in your birthday today, my heart is with you the same jubilation, happy! I wish you a happy birthday!


  I have no colorful flowers, no the romantic poetry, no expensive gifts, free without those exciting surprise, only a gentle blessing, wish you a happy birthday!


  The birthday girl guy, in your birthday is coming, wish you can get all hope, all dreams come true, all waiting can appear, all paying can cash, happy birthday!


  I come lightly, just as I gently walked, I wave sleeves, leaving a calf。 In your birthday approaching, send to I deeply wishes, I wish you the best cattle shipped。


  Let message carrying my greetings and words to express my wish, in your birthday today, my heart is with you the same jubilation, happy! I wish you a happy birthday!


  My greetings to my love for you, wish you have a nice birthday, the day in the past, you lie down to rest, may the peace of a golden dream be filled with happiness。


  A long interval, long line, long time wipe constantly, today is your birthday, far away I have been thinking of you, I wish you a happy birthday! I care about most of friends!


  Today is your birthday, my love, thank you for your toil, thank you for giving me the concern, understanding and support。 All my love to you! Happy birthday!


  Noisy party over the happy face, sweet wine passes happy sweet, gorgeous candlelight reflected happy smiling face, sweet cake to express wishes to you: happy birthday to you!


  An arrival this day and age a long long; Cake to cheer, wish to achieve; Texting this have what meaning? The main purpose of the blessing, wish happiness, peace thinking into everything!


  Mom, happy birthday! Wish I could have the language to express our gratitude, thank you for your daily housework and give our help。 May you always happy in the future years to health!


  Lifestyle is very happy and happy, happiness and happiness are special happiness, peace and peace are always peace, health and health are very healthy。 I wish you a happy birthday, happy!


  Dear, tomorrow is your birthday, send a blessing SMS, tell you, I'm ready, waiting for your call; Want to say to you is that you are in my life, the only girl worth waiting for。


  Time is always more and more short, birthday is increasingly fast, love is always more and more strong, my blessing is more and more deep, let you every day as picturesque beauty! Happy birthday!


  The husband, in your birthday is approaching, I wish Kenneth legitimate cause, numerous money, is strong as tigers, work without hard, carefree like mice, like romantic music, happiness only you!


  Want to be the stars shining eyes, nurse you spend a quiet night, with the blessing, soar with the truth in you dream of the sea, I wish you in the future a dream but reality, happy birthday!


  Blessing of ho also said not over, always happy thing always can't finish the music, beautiful mood beautiful forever, always happy days is not over, I wish you a happy birthday, happy every day。


  Poor can't afford to drink water, poor to pay my fee, poor to eat rice, poor leaves bowl, the poor are all tired, poor leaves the mouth; Generous clockwork information: I wish you a happy birthday。


  Happy birthday song for you joy, and happiness with you。 May your life sweet and fragrant like a cake。 Lit candles, please remember to make a good wish。 I wish you a happy birthday, a dream come true!


  You are the happiest woman in the world, there is a handsome, humorous and love your husband very holds the promise of life to you and to walk with you every year today, my wife, happy birthday!

  25、采一朵美麗的鮮花,擷一束火紅的楓恭弘=叶 恭弘,裝進懷念的信封,遙寄給遠方的朋友!在這個一年中最最美麗的日子里,真誠地對你說一聲:生日高興!

  Pick a beautiful flower, a bunch of red maple leaf, into the envelope of missing, remote sent to distant friends! In this the most beautiful day of the year, I sincerely say to you: happy birthday!


  With light your birthday candle, the falling of a star with a falling snow in the winter for you write Zhang Zhufu card, with a sincere heart for you open the years new chapter, I wish you a happy birthday。


  Let the stars into my eyes, care of you all night; Let the wind into my smile, your act of heart; Let all the good things into my blessing, happy birthday to longevity, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea!


  Put each petal melody in the imagination, put each color eyes in meditation, in my life the most perfect time, in the life the most perfect event, my dear friends, I wish you a happy birthday, happy forever。


  Sweet cake, sons and daughters of filial piety; Red red candle, children's affective thick; Children singing meimei, deeply in love; The blessings of children birthday noodles, long continuous! Let father happy birthday!


  Affair best mood, purple deep and remote dream, full of light。 Thrown into poems elegant way。 Fung sound moving, lianchi with poly, the star is like a dance。 In your birthday, text messages, I wish you a happy birthday!


  Read this message, make a wish, all over the sky star, all want to see your smiling face; There are long clouds hint of yearning, flow there are my wishes, continuous, wish you a happy birthday, smile to life every day!


  Today is your birthday, but I can't in your side, but my blessing had already passed the long march, after my own heart have no face to face expression, send a text message, send sincere blessings! I wish a happy birthday!


  I wish you a happy birthday! Send you a bouquet of flowers, love make you mood float in the sky; Send you a bouquet of roses, let you love happiness; Send you a bouquet of carnations, let you warm warm; I wish you a happy birthday!


  Although you are not an angel, but it has the beauty of an angel。 Although you are not a princess, but it has the temperament of the princess。 Ordinary and extraordinary, you sending out the charming fragrance。 Happy birthday, my friend!


  We get to know each other so long, I'm glad our friendship remains the same, so beautiful, so pure, forget your delicate and charming smile, happy and unforgettable you, our love will never change, I wish you a happy birthday!


  In the formative years have troubles have happiness, have flowers have thorns on the way forward, the stamp of the mind has a slow song has the song。 In your birthday this day, with my blessing my greetings: I wish a happy。


  Everyone, has his own times, looking back, looking to the future, accept a blessing, looking forward to tomorrow's way; The sacred moment, I wish you will always outshine all。 I wish you a happy birthday, the day no worries!


  Let the wind blow away your troubles, running water to drain away your sadness, diffuse in the air is happy, sending out the aroma of happiness in the flowers。 World health day blessing you, wish healthy body belong to you forever。


  To send a wisp of the golden sun, let you happiness of life more warm, send a cool oasis of your beautiful face more moist, to send a sincere birthday wishes, may you through one of the most beautiful days, happy birthday。


  In your birthday this day, the rising sun, shine your life fortune; Peace of white clouds, the wind sent to you forever; All over the sky sunset glow, weave up your life choi jin; I use the most beautiful wish I wish you a happy birthday!


  Potpourri birthday is coming, I give you sweet cake。 Butterfly busy birthday is coming, I give you sweet love; Song Yang birthday is coming, I give you happiness; Wishing you peace and happiness, every year ruyi!


  Wake up in the morning, with the magpies calling outside the window, carefully think, your birthday has come! Not around, clockwork SMS blessing of table: physical health, be happy every day! Night after night sweet sleep, life no worries!


  Focus your thoughts today, your birthday is coming, send you two red eggs, I wish you the best of everything, the shell wrapped in happiness, protein steal hidden sweet, egg yolk, saturated with happy, with your hand to forever!


  Life is like a sightseeing ladder, every layer and will overlook the farther more beautiful scenery。 Congratulations on the wheel of life, build more into one year old。 I hope you in joy and happiness, I wish you a happy birthday!


  A newspaper, a year, the headlines is called happy, N years ago subscriptions, N years later, the plate is called a spring, summer, autumn and winter, the editor is called life, friends, would you please read the journal, please happy every day。


  Birthday wishes from the sky, the Fried annoyance was black and blue all over, frighten to brighten the run, keep you happy day, keep your happiness goes back to ancient times, if a rearguard action, bless blown to the end of time! Thank you for me。


  Clean himself who name words, was born in world health day, graduated from colleage in1992。and wei has brought the health certificate。 Value my birthday today, with regards to clean all kinds of sanitary products for you to walk: love me, happy life。


  Happy birthday youth's friend miss to send blessings, the sun moon shuttle in the rotation, sincere friendship long companions, grinning at smile, no pleasure you the most sweet, the birthday cake is tasted, happiness for a year - for a year, happy birthday!


  Heart want to lapses, candle lit Windows, chapter table is the most happy, you finally learned to take care of yourself, want to use sweet taste, keep happy times, encourage the most courageous, you finally grew up and became a real yourself, happy birthday。


  When dedication becomes a need love, is that it doesn't matter, in your birthday, accept my distant and deeply wishes!

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